Clients maintaining sites by redcat

The Arctic Cycle
This theater company is taking on global warming by engaging theater audiences and challenging them to think about the very real problems facing our world. The Arctic Cycle website graphics were created by a graphic designer based in Chicago, but I used her graphics and the many photos of the Arctic to create this responsive custom WordPress website using the Thematic framework.

Center for Human Evolutionary Studies (CHES)
CHES is a funding body for evolutionary anthropologists at Rutgers University. I updated this Joomla site by working within the constraints of the Rutgers-approved template to create a brighter, more aesthetically pleasing and more user-friendly layout. For this site I did a great deal of content development.

How To Lose Your Virginity
The latest project by indie documentary production company Trixie Films (see below). This site is a customized theme in Wordpress, based on the Thematic Framework.

Robert Scott, Ph.D.
This simple site was hand-coded and designed by me using simple HTML and CSS. Professor Scott is an Evolutionary Anthropologist at Rutgers. He is also my (excellent) academic adviser!

How to be a Personal Chef
This is a project of White Apron Chef's Brigitte Theriault (see below). She is offering online coaching to people interested in becoming personal chefs, a business she has perfected over the last few years. She wanted the site to highlight the content as much as possible, to be clean and simple. She provided guidance in terms of fonts, colors, and text styles, and this is what we came up with. Please note that this website is responsive! It works on multiple screen sizes including mobile devices.

Rob Christiansen
Rob is a musician, engineer, musical instigator, and friend. This is his minimalist website. He still needs to add the actual content, but you can at least see the layout/design!

Trixie Films
Trixie Films is a Brooklyn-based production company bringing a feminist (and humorous) voice to documentary film. A much needed addition, to be sure. The site is fun and colorful and has lots of beautiful circles and neato rollovers.

White Apron Chef
This is a site for people who love food but who don't want to cook everyday. Brigitte Theriault is a personal chef and her specialty is providing this service at prices that are not outrageous. Good for people who regularly eat out but would like to eat at home more often. This site had some PHP requirements and the person responsible for that beautiful programming is Jason Kenison - theWebGuy. Thanks Jason!

:: Samples of redcat graphic design work ::

Previous clients (no longer maintaining redcat site designs - see screen shots for redcat designs)

Liz Stahler singer-songwriter
  flash intro
  screen shots 1 . 2 . 3

Jill Stevenson singer-songwriter
  screen shots 1 . 2 . 3

Margina Dennis make-up artist (continues to use the logo I designed for her)
  screen shots 1 . 2

The River Cafe classic brooklyn restaurant (site maintenance)

The Hartley Foundation world religions and film (site maintenance)

Schwervon! band (CD graphic design)

Jay Muhlin photography (site maintenance)

Teri Hansen opera and musical theater singer (original website and maintenance)

Kip Wilborn american tenor (original website and maintenance)