The Honeymoon was short...

Maybe you've heard it from us...maybe through the grapevine...and it's true...we're getting a divorce. I know, I know...we were only married for like two months! Hey, as my mother said, "that's showbiz, honey." So after a 5 year courtship and a 2 month marriage, we, Bionic Finger, are getting divorced. But please, don't be sad...I mean it's not like we're not going to create music anymore. It's not like we're dropping off the face of the earth. It's not like we don't still love each other...there's never been any lack of mushy, bordering on incestuous, love...we're still a family. We still watch "Buffy" together and order tasty Chinese food from Red Hot Szechuan and write naughty things on one another's birthday cakes. We're just not going to do this music stuff together anymore. It was just one of those things...just one of those crazy flings...a trip to the moon on gossamer wings...just one of those things.

So here's the current deal, and it's up to you if you want to be involved...

Nan's got Schwervon and is now doing solo shows as well (crazy, beautiful, know her). Alina's doing solo shows (always saucy), is focusing on her songwriting, and is taking voice lessons. Christine is jamming with a friend of ours this week to possibly join that band on lead guitar (you go!), and she continues to be a part of The Recording Angels. And I, Pammer, am playing bass (gasp!) with The Trouble, I'm taking drum lessons and hope to be drumming live again in the near future.

Now, I wanna tell ya'll when we've got our respective shows...I wanna shout it out that we're still gettin' down and dirty on stage...that we're rockin' it out, baby!...that it's exciting and you should hear it! The BF site will remain up until...well, until we decide it's time to take it down. I'll continue to put stuff up on'll just be...different. CDs will remain for sale until there are no more cds to sell...or until we decide to donate them to LifeBEAT or some cool, music-appreciating organization like that.

Okay, this has gone on long enough. We love you all and thank you for being such incredible, supportive, loud and fearless fans, friends and acquaintances over the past five years even when we sucked and couldn't play our instruments, and who knows...maybe there'll be a reunion show in a year...maybe we'll get involved together again in some other wacky way...maybe two or three of us will do something completely different and shock the shit out of just never know with us...anything could happen!

So...Don't cry for us, New York City! The truth is we'll never leave you...all through our crappy-playing days, our wigs and stuck beside us...don't run! though this stinks. (nah, I just needed a rhyme)

Oh lordy...could I be ANY cheesier? Sorry...I swear it won't last!

La di da, la di da, la la la,

what are we doing now?

go look!