Toys in Babeland
whip your cream


inner bimbo

24 hour bug
a.s.s.h.o.l.e. - hear it at,, or soundclick
melting ice - hear it at
guy in a tie - hear it at
come on
big dick
get like this
10 ft. shadow
hotel bar butter
what i think
shut up


big dick - hear it at,, or tucows
cheryl - hear it at or
so high - hear it at or
texas - hear it at or

"Bionic Finger kinda reminded me of the mid-west power-pop of the eighties. You know... Husker Du, Dinosaur Jr., etc. The first song ['Big Dick'] on their demo reminded me a little of PJ Harvey. At least the vocals sounded like a cross between PJ Harvey and Heavy Metal/Hard core punk. I like the bluesy feel of the second one, 'Texas'. 'Cheryl' reminded me of the Velvet Underground's damsel in distress songs with a twist, and the last one, 'So High,' reminded me of 60's surfer rock/garage rock. Wow, I was highly impressed. All their voices sounded so good, too. I must say, again, WOW!"
-Jim from "Texas"

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