Toys in Babeland
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local bands (and singer-songwriters) we love:
Farrell - formerly of Moxiestarpark
The Dan Emery Mystery Band
Major Matt Mason, USA
Schwervon! - Nanner's side project with Major Matt
The Color Guard
Sit n' Spin
Full Throttle Aristotle
Triple Creme
John S. Hall
Tony Hightower
The Hissyfits
The Trouble Dolls
Jon Berger - Poet guy

other favorite musical types:
Sleater-Kinney - official KRS site
Le Tigre - official Mr. Lady site
Summer's Le Tigre site - fan site
Jill Sobule - official site
Jane Siberry/Sheeba Records - official site
The Kirby Grips - official site
The Kirby Grips - cool fan site for this San Francisco band
Fair Verona - amazing, rockin' band out of Nashville, TN
The Hulas - Pittsburgh, PA (now disbanded, but they're still great!)
Space and Noise Productions - South Bend, IN band...the indie Backstreet Boys...but much cuter and waaaay more talented!
Frogdog - another Pittsburgh band w/ 2 former members of The Hulas

places we like to play:
DUMBA - community arts space in DUMBO (that's in Brooklyn)...very cool
Meow Mix
Luna Lounge
The Saint
Baby Jupiter

cool upcoming events:
Ladyfest Scotland - August 12th - 14th, 2001
Ladyfest East - August 2nd - 5th, 2001 (BF is involved with this one!)
Ladyfest Midwest - BF is playing this one too! It's taking place from April 5th - 8th, 2001 in Bloomington, IN.
Ladyfest Midwest, Chicago - August 16th - 19th, 2001

rockin' indie labels:
Kill Rock Stars
Mr. Lady
K Records
Fortified - the brain child of Lach, anti-folk singer-songwriter extraordinaire
Olive Juice - community label showcasing the likes of Major Matt Mason USA, Schwervon, Pre-War Yardsale, Never Louder than Lovely, and Randi Russo!

music resources and other related stuff:
Persygrrrl's Women in Musica
insound - on line zines out the yinyang!
Go Girls
CMJ Online - that's the College Music Journal
Harmony Central
The Muse's Muse - songwriting tips & tools
CD Man - cd manufacturing...hey, they did our debut cd!
WBIM Radio - radio station out of Bridgewater, MA...BF played there!
Women in Rock Directory
Twisted Rico - a Boston-based management company/record label...with links to some really kickass bands!
Tacowagon - online radio station run by some adorable boys!
Girl Media - This is a whole site dedicated to promoting girl media-type stuff, and it has a kickass online radio station where you can go and request Bionic Finger's "Melting Ice." It's on the Pop/Rock and Alternative playlists.

- Music Industry News Network

Digital Club Network Check out BF's webcast! It's in the archives...just do a band search.

artists, photographers, etc.:
Tom Weis Photography - amazing photography by Pammer's brother
Devil Doll - Emily Keyshian's artistic visions come to life (she did BF's 1st album logo!)
Spit East - They're poets...they're women...they're outrageously talented...they rock.
Azodnem - This guy Robert Mendoza is a graphics designer and has a gorgeous a groovy BF page!

good readin':
Drummergirl - very cool site that recognizes female why isn't Pammer on this list???
Rockrgrl Magazine - online version of the well-known zine...not quite as complete as the real thing, but worth the trip - online zine surrounding tri-state punk scene and other cool stuff
Picasso's Crayon - online zine covering all sorts of artistic types in NYC (including BF)
Bust - you know you love it
Girls On
Breakup Girl on Oxygen - guess
Nerve - erotica, and sex, sex, sex - online zine covers international nightlife scenes...focus is on music...writers are all women!
Rockerchick - zine covers the NYC girlband scene, and has lots of kickass articles!
Heroine Magazine - as in women to admire! This zine was started by Joan's got definite potential.

hmmm...interesting (plus, stuff we can't help loving):

Toys in Babeland - woman-owned sex toys shop (one of our favorite places!)
Urban Myths - find out whether that chain letter you got is true or false
Web Monkey - for the html illiterate who strives to be a computer geek!
Buffy The Vampire Slayer - the only show worth a weekly vcr setting
Muggles for Harry Potter - this site has articles written by people for and against this incredible series of books...and you can show your support by becoming a "Muggle for Harry Potter!"
Beqi's - Good Clothes for Bad Girls
Dirty Al - She's always ready for a good time! (Note: best viewed w/ Explorer)

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