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"Bionic Finger rocks! I love this band!"

"A little bit of pop, a little bit of punk, a lot of rock, and a whole lot of funk. With lyrics criss-crossing paths with the sweet and the sour, Bionic Finger spits forth their attitude wearing halos on their head. They have definitely accumulated their own sound, along with a sprinkling of Jill Sobule influence and the usual pop-punk power chords...I am pleased to hear a group of girls putting together something new and unique."
-Kathleen Catastrophe,, November 2000

"...Bionic Finger's new self-released CD, Inner Bimbo, rocks...they end up sounding like a rocking version of the Bangles, with cute as hell vocals. And with songs like 'A.S.S.H.O.L.E.,' 'Shut Up' and 'Big Dick,' you know these babes would appreciate my sideburns."
-George Tabb, "New Burns," NY Press, August 23, 2000

"A smattering of different flavors comprises the simplistic but volatile sounds of this band; add equal parts of Sleater-Kinney, the Murmurs and a touch of the Muffs with both humor and attitude, and there you have it."
-Jaymes Mayhem,, July 4, 2000

"Bionic Finger are smart, funny, sexy pop stars. Josie and The Pussycats meets Mad magazine."

"Bionic Finger is so good, we have no choice but to take off our shoes in tribute."
-Missy Donatuti, Crazed Fan

"There is the next Zeppellin, the next Blondie, the next Aerosmith, and the next Nirvana. But fortunately, I've found the next Bionic Finger. Truly originals, Bionic Finger shows the potential to take the music industry by storm with their unique take on songwriting."
-Marc Punknet, founder, editor, conquistador,

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